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What are the two different sales systems available on your website?

Our website offers two distinct sales systems for game assets. The first is the "Claim Ownership" system, where an asset is sold to only one individual, granting them exclusive rights except for the ability to redistribute or resell the asset. The second system involves adding assets that are not sold through "Claim Ownership" to our marketplace, where they are available for purchase by anyone.

What does the 'Claim Ownership' system entail for buyers?

When you purchase an asset through the 'Claim Ownership' system, you obtain exclusive rights to the asset. This means you are the sole owner, and the asset is no longer available for sale to others. However, please note that while you gain extensive rights, including modification and commercial use, you cannot redistribute or resell the asset.

What happens to assets that are not sold through the 'Claim Ownership' system?

Assets not sold through the 'Claim Ownership' system are added to our marketplace. In this marketplace, these assets are available for anyone to purchase. Unlike 'Claim Ownership,' these assets are not exclusive to a single buyer and can be bought by multiple customers.

Can I resell or redistribute an asset I purchase?

If you purchase an asset through the 'Claim Ownership' system, you cannot resell or redistribute it. For assets bought from the marketplace, redistribution and reselling are also prohibited to protect the rights of the original creators and maintain the uniqueness of the assets.

What are my rights as a buyer in the marketplace system?

As a buyer in the marketplace system, you are granted a license to use the asset for your projects, including commercial use. However, you do not obtain exclusive rights, and the asset remains available for purchase by others.

Can I request a refund for a digital asset?

We do not offer refunds for digital assets once they have been purchased. Due to the nature of digital goods, it's important for buyers to be sure of their purchase decision before proceeding.

How do you ensure the quality and originality of the assets sold on your site?

All assets on our site are produced and thoroughly vetted by us to ensure they meet high standards of quality and originality. We closely monitor our inventory to provide only the best and most unique assets to our customers.

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