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Tower Crane Blueprint System Documentation

Updated: May 10

  • W - S keys: Move the crane's trolley forward and backward.

  • A - D keys: Rotate the crane.

  • Shift - Ctrl keys: Move the hook up and down.

  • C key: Switch between cabin and hook cameras.

  • E key: Engage the hook to grab an object; release if an object is already held.

  • Q key: Toggle the lights on and off.

Important Parameters:

1: Sets the rotation speed of the crane. 2: Sets the forward and backward movement speed of the trolley. 3: Sets the speed at which the rope descends. 4: Sets the speed at which the rope ascends. 5: You can set the height of your tower crane with this parameter (demonstrated in the sample demo video).

How are hookable objects created?

First, create a blueprint actor for the object you want to add.

Now, add a tag named "Hookable" to this actor.

Next, add a box collision and an arrow to this actor. Place them where you want the object to be lifted from, as shown in the image.

Then, also tag the arrow and collision components with "Hookable".

!!Important: Don't forget to set your collider's type to "Overlap All Dynamics".!!!

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